Politico Influence: Mehlman’s Latest

May 29, 2024 | By Caitlin Oprysko


MEHLMAN’S LATEST: Mehlman Consulting’s Bruce Mehlman is out with his latest slide deck, which runs down the state of play in the race for control of Congress and the White House and highlights the contrasts between a second Biden term and a second Trump term in office. One topline? “Buckle up,” Mehlman told PI.

— While most generally know what to expect in a second Biden term, “Trump 2.0 presents far broader possibilities for disruptive change in foreign & domestic policy,” Mehlman said, with a great deal of Trump’s agenda dependent on who controls Congress. The Hill itself will have a jam-packed to-do list, “starting with the no-longer-pro-forma certification of election results.”

— But it’s a sure thing there will be a continued bipartisan focus on pro-manufacturing industrial policy, competition with China, Big Tech skepticism and more populist economic policy, according to Mehlman.